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Another Stucker Favorite

I’m A-settin’ and A-frettin’ I’m a settin’ and a-frettin’ ‘neath the old oak tree, Wonderin’ what has happened to me.  I’m a-settin’ and a-frettin’ in the rocking chair. What the heck happened to my fair hair? I’m a-settin’ and a-frettin’ on the wide front porch. How did I get such a big front paunch?  I’m… Continue reading Another Stucker Favorite

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Howdy Doody Time–SoCS

Hey Kids, What Time Is It? And if you grew up in the late 40’s and through out the 50’s, you knew the answer: It’s Howdy Doody Time. This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday calls for writing about any word that starts with ‘ho’. That opens a lot of possibilities, but the one that comes to mind from long… Continue reading Howdy Doody Time–SoCS

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It’s Finished Flat Abs. I’m Over You.

Originally posted on Feeding on Folly:
We’ve grown apart over the years and lately, I’ve been thinking we were never meant to be together. Do you remember when we first met? It was in that aerobics class in college. I was looking for an easy A, you showed up about a month later. I was…