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Just a Watch

This is a response to a challenge by another blogger called Creative Carnival. The idea is to write something related to the drawing shown below, and this is my contribution.  My granddad had one. It wasn’t fancy, but it was dependable. He would tenderly take it out of his pants, look at it with pride,… Continue reading Just a Watch

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What Was I Thinking?

I hate it when I’m called ‘slow learner’. And I really don’t want to be labeled a ‘klutz’. But it is terribly embarrassing to be known as both! You may recall my motor scooter story of a few days ago, where I vowed to give up on the dream of being a ‘hot biker’. I  mentioned… Continue reading What Was I Thinking?


The Laugh of the Day for Anyone Who Has Ever Flown on a Commercial Airline

Originally posted on A Neo-Renaissance Writer:
I was going to write about the 2015 University of Wisconsin-Madison Writers’ Institute I attended this weekend, but my mom sent me this and I just had to share it. I’ll save the UWWI post for later.

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Scooter Along

It started out as just a simple task—buy a used scooter to ride around town. Save on gas, enjoy the breeze and bugs and debris in my face, and have fun. Then it began to get complicated. I talked first to Big Jim, he’s the big guy that has a repair service and knows about things… Continue reading Scooter Along

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But It Seemed Like a Good Idea

Some publications are experimenting with scented ads as a way to draw attention and use scent as a memory trigger. I can tell you from personal experience, that is NOT a new idea. Back in my paper throwing days, my folks thought this would be a great gimmick for a grocery store. So, they put the… Continue reading But It Seemed Like a Good Idea


His Demand was Our Goal

He was a tough taskmaster. Impossible expectations could have been his first name. Perfection could have been his middle name. Success could have been his last name. He inspired me. He challenged me. He taught me, and he applauded me. Often in the same breath. There was never any question if he was pleased with… Continue reading His Demand was Our Goal


You’re Mad? I Couldn’t Tell

Someone rather sheepishly told me about a temper tantrum she recently had where she threw a glass candlestick across the room…three times. It didn’t break the first two times, and she wasn’t satisfied until the thing shattered into pieces, making walking barefoot hazardous to your health. This same ‘thrower’ heaved a salt shaker at the… Continue reading You’re Mad? I Couldn’t Tell

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Before the Music Died

Music does evoke memories. And it seems universally those nostalgic visions come bubbling up from our teenage years. Why would that be? No idea. I just know that I can remember the words to the Elvis songs, and the lyrics harmonized by the Everly Brothers. You can tell what era I relate to. And if… Continue reading Before the Music Died

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I Know All About Me, Don’t I?

Have you ever had a revelation about yourself? A realization that everyone else recognized but you had been blinded to your entire life? I’ve had several of those, at least several that I would talk about. One happened when I began dating my husband. He commented on how nice my hazel eyes were. I looked… Continue reading I Know All About Me, Don’t I?