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Margo’s Voice

I’m Margo Johnson, living in south central Texas, retired newspaper publisher, bank president, chamber of commerce executive, and current stepmother of grown children and friend to some.

I’m writing this blog because I like to write, and some misled folks have thought I am funny…sometimes. So, why not share my fuzzy insights, weird humor, and strange views with anyone who can spend a few minutes with me?

I write about whatever comes to my mind, and I have found that most things I think about are the same things others think about. If it has happened to me, probably you have experienced something similar. If not, you just aren’t old enough…but your day will come. Trust me.

So, I welcome you to my blog, and encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas.We all have stories to tell, and I’d love to hear your tales and how they relate to mine.

Come back soon, and if you are my age, I hope you remember where I am! mj


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