You’re Mad? I Couldn’t Tell

Someone rather sheepishly told me about a temper tantrum she recently had where she threw a glass candlestick across the room…three times. It didn’t break throwing 6the first two times, and she wasn’t satisfied until the thing shattered into pieces, making walking barefoot hazardous to your health.

This same ‘thrower’ heaved a salt shaker at the front door of her restaurant, shattering the glass and lowering her bank account about $2,000, all because an employee didn’t agree with her management style. Now really, a salt shaker? Guess that is better than a meat cleaver.

This reminded me of other tactics people have shared about how they express their anger and/or frustration.

When I was young I would hold my breath when I wanted my way and wasn’t getting it. My mother broke me of that habit by throwing cold water in my face. temper 5That would immediately make me take a breath, and I had to change clothes. And it took my mind off the original irritation. I hated changing clothes, so, I discarded that behavior.

I’ve heard people say, “I don’t get mad, I get even. One woman admitted when she gets mad at her husband, she uses his toothbrush to clean the toilet. Now, that is really getting even!

Several men say they punch holes in walls when they become enraged. That seems self-destructive since invariably they will injure their hand, and have  anger 1to fix the sheetrock. It is especially painful if they happen to hit something that doesn’t give, as in a brick wall or a stud, or someone bigger than they are.

Crying is another favorite expression of anger. And have you noticed that some people smile when their dander gets up?temper 1 That’s scary, because they usually have this mad glint in their eyes that tells you to move to another county immediately, or invest in a body-covering flak jacket.

Yelling, screaming, stomping. Those work for some folks, but not for me. Instead, I took up another way to vent after the old ‘water in the face’ dousing: sucking my thumb. I might add that it still works.thumb 4



2 thoughts on “You’re Mad? I Couldn’t Tell

  1. Heh heh. I very rarely get mad. I don’t think I’ve ever thrown anything or punched a wall or anything like that. I might yell, but mostly I think I just stew until it passes.


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