Hidden Gem in Sydney’s Lane Way – Suspended Birdcages

I find this idea amazing and creative, and want to share it with my readers.

Ruth Spitzer

This week in Sydney Revealed, we visit a hidden gem tucked away in a lane way.
In the heart of the Sydney CBD, just off George Street, you step into a laneway called Angel Place, paved with square stone-like brickwork, amidst a concrete jungle of cold cement in various forms.  You’re engulfed by two tall buildings on either side, one boasting gorgeous carved bulky brick stonework and you instantly feel like you’re stepping into another realm. you’re being lured in. And as you stroll down Angel Place about 20 metres in, your treated to a spectacular scene of Bird cages suspended above you of varying shapes, sizes and colours..  What is known as Forgotten Songs.  Map Location here

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Gem in Sydney’s Lane Way – Suspended Birdcages

  1. Margo what a marvelous example of observing details! A trip to Australia isn’t in the cards for me now, but how I would love to see the birdcage installation.

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