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Is it Just A Girl Thing?

I grew up in a family of 3 girls, and we were all about the same size in our teen years. Doesn’t sound like such a big deal until you realize that we could wear the same socks, shoes, slips, dresses, etc.

Perhaps this isn’t an issue for teenage boys, but for girls it is MAJOR. I did not want my sisters wearing my underwear or my jeans or anything else that was mine. And strangely they felt the same way. Although I was known to grab a pair of socks from someone else’s drawer on many occasions.

Arguments (that would be a nice way of putting it) in the mornings were constant, shouting back and forth from room to room, and my parents finally strongly advising us just to get dressed, regardless of whose blouse it was.

My mother, being the inventive soul that she was, tried several schemes to help us identify individual property. She assigned different colors of thread to each of us and then sewed the designated thread color to our socks, pants, etc. That wasn’t successful because we would fight over who had what color, particularly if we wanted to wear something special that may belong to another sibling.

Dad tried to stay out of the fray since he didn’t have anyone vying for his shorts. But he did voice his frustration when he walked into our one bathroom and women’s under garments were hanging everywhere. He hated taking a shower with someone’s garter belt hitting him in the face. Didn’t bother any of us, but he seemed to be sensitive about it.

The happiest day in his life was when he converted a closet into a bath for himself. I recall he threaten us with bodily harm if we even thought about drying our panties in ‘his’ bathroom.

I think back on that time and wonder if clothing was just an excuse to fight and fuss. Did we really care who wore what? Or was it a way to express our anger about other misdeeds we thought our sisters had done? Those are questions that probably won’t be answered in this lifetime, but I wonder if families with multiple female teenagers aren’t having the same hassles today. They may be fighting over a hairbrush, a hair dryer, toothbrushes…who knows. And I wonder, don’t boys fight over some things? Surely they have aggressive tendencies toward their siblings about something. It can’t just be a ‘girl thing’.

Oh yeah, forget boys shouting at each other, they get bloody noses and black eyes.boys fighting 1s. 


One thought on “Is it Just A Girl Thing?

  1. There were four girls in my family. Fussing among ourselves was a daily part of life. Two of my sisters, the middle two…only 15 months apart….would get into incredible trouble together…funny now when we look back. We usually didn’t wear each other’s clothes, though. We each had our own unique styles so that helped protect our drawers from invaders.


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