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Sans Clothing?

Traveling always opens the door to serendipitous events, especially if you remain open to new and strange adventures.

I remember touring in New Zealand and taking the ferry from the north island to the south island. Lovely trip, but we got to the south island just as it was getting dark. We drove around looking for a place to spend the night and were pleasantly surprised when we saw a sign that indicated cabins on a lake.

We pulled in, got a key, and spent a restful night, eager to see the lake the next morning. I was excited as I pulled the curtains open, anticipating the view of the sunrise over the crystal clear water. But my eye went immediately to the people walking by. They were friendly, and turned to greet me. nudist 3

Somehow in the dark we had missed the part on the cabin sign that said ‘Nudists Welcome’.

Wrapped in my robe I certainly felt over dressed as the strangers and I exchanged waves, and they strolled off toward the lake.

It reminds me of the time we spent in Australia. We lived on the beach in a small community north of Brisbane. The first day there I donned my brand new bathing suit, purchased especially for this trip, and hit the beach, wanting to soak up the sun and get my feet wet in the beautiful aqua ocean.nudist 2

As I spread my towel out, I was suddenly aware that I was more dressed than anyone else lounging on the sand…in fact, I was the only one dressed. Apparently there are lots of beaches in Australia where clothing is optional. I certainly got more stares because my body was ‘covered’ than those clothes-less bathers.nudist 4

There were other moments of serendipity that didn’t involve bare bodies, but those two seemed to stick in my mind.

I know, you are wondering how long I kept my bathing suit on. Suffice to say, we were in a foreign country where I will not see any of those people again! And if I do, they won’t recognize me in my jeans and t-shirt.

4 thoughts on “Sans Clothing?

  1. Reminds me of a friend who years ago took a trip to Mexico with another couple. They ended up on a nude beach, fully clothed. She felt uncomfortably overdressed, so she took her sit off. Her husband wouldn’t speak to her the rest of the day.


  2. Wow. I don’t know if I could do it. I’m so modest I would feel self-conscious no matter how long I was there….then I would be too sunburnt to put my clothes on. Your last comment reminded me of what I told my hubby when we were driving and couldn’t find a bathroom (it was very late at night). I said “just pull over. No body will recognize my butt, especially the next time they see me. It’ll be covered then.” I should have thought twice about who I said that to. He tells everyone about it.


  3. LOL. That reminds me of the first time I went to a beach in France. I, being the covered-up American, was wearing a tankini. The top being a full upper-body bathing suit top of coverage. I, too, received strange looks. That top came off in a flash and it was glorious to jump into the Mediterranean Sea to allow my “girls” to bob up and down like two pink-tipped buoys! These day, depending on my annual weight, I either go topless or wear a skimpy bikini top when in France! Love this post!


  4. Oh the joys of skinny dipping, I went with my sister and daughter to a nudie beach very early in the morning one time. We were the only people there apart from a couple who, with about a mile of empty beach, chose a spot right behind us and proceeded to disrobe, it was rather a bizarre experience and these days I wear a cossie!


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