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The Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch

This post was written by Dennis Flynn and was inspired by the Creative Carnival blog suggesting a weekly cue of  ‘a pocket watch’.


The Master’s hands, they wind the clock

That rule the hands of time,

And no one knows what the future holds

For hearts like yours and mine.

Our deeds propel the action

That springs us on our way,

And our reaction to life’s pressure

Oil the gears that tick and sway.

Life gives us second chances;

A second hand per se,

A focus on the small things,

That blossom every day.

This magic watch, it has a chain

That allows us to reach back,

To share the time; help someone else,

To keep their life on track.

Our time’s best spent with others;

Precious, not a thing to kill

Cause no one but the Master knows

When the hands of time stand still.



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