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But it Was Suppose to be…

I had another flashback this week. (No, I didn’t say hot flash!). They (both flash backs and hot flashes) seem to happen a lot with a teenager around.

It’s more than just a mental image that roars through your soul. Emotions run amuck, just like they did when you were 16 or 18. Now that I think about it, just like they did last week!

Anyway, the topic today is the perennial PROM, or any other event where expectations far outweigh the realities. We expect that it will be a happy, fun, life changing experience. Well, maybe not life changing, but certainly a highlight of our high school days.prom 2

Oh yeah, this is going to be life changing

The reality usually is (I’m speaking from the female side) everyone else looks better than I do. I don’t get asked to dance so I end up dancing with a girl friend or just sharing the wall with the paint. I spend a bunch of money on a dress that I won’t wear again and on shoes that are too high to walk or dance in. And I breathe a sign of relief on Sunday when I let my hair fall in my eyes, wipe off all the makeup that I NEVER wear, and put my jeans back on.

Ahhhh, the joy of naturalness!

Maybe the prom is like so many of our life experiences. Having a baby sounds like more fun than it actually is. Getting married isn’t always a bowl of ice cream, or if it is, the carton has been left out of the freezer and the ice cream is running all over the kitchen. Graduating from college brings the reality that one must now get a job. Growing old gracefully is a dream held by the young who have yet to experience arthritis, grey hair, and loose teeth.

But what would life be without fanciful fantasies? We would not procreate, we would not marry, we would not buy a one-time only dress, and we would miss a lot of the fun things that happen while we are waiting for the ‘big event’.

So, bring on the proms and the flashbacks, but PLEASE keep the hot flashes!


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