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3 Day Quote Challenge Day 1

Deb at Once Upon a Hot Flash ( put my name in for the 3 Day Quote Challenge, where we are to pick a quote and write about its meaning…at least how we understand or interpret it.

Three Day Quote Challenge ~ Rules:

Post a quote a day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate 3 different bloggers on each day.

My quote for Day One of the challenge is: ‘Don’t Get it Right, Get it Written!’  by Betty Williams New.

Never heard of her? Probably not, since she was a not known newspaper publisher and real estate owner, grandmother, motivator, and my mother.

Growing up my parents owned and operated small town newspapers. Dad ran the ‘back shop’ where the linotypes clicked out stories and ads, and the press cranked out the final product. Mother was in charge of the ‘front office’ where the ads were sold, the stories written, and the public was served. In those days there was a distinct line between the two operations, and a great deal of consternation was expressed if that line became blurry or scuffed over.

On press days, everyone was on a deadline. If the stories didn’t get written, the linotypes couldn’t click and the printing press couldn’t crank. So, one heard my mother, in her most motivational voice, call out to the reporter(s), “Don’t get it right, get it written!”

She did not cuss, so you never heard the urging followed with the word ‘Damnit’. However, we all knew that a whip would be produced if we did not march to the demand with due speed.

Mother did care if things were right, but she cared equally with the need to get the paper off the press and into the hands of readers. She could live with a retraction easier than she could live with the consequences if that week’s ads weren’t seen before the dress shop next door opened for business.

Because I too published a small newspaper with deadlines, I would often use Mother’s quote with a sense of urgency. A friend who worked with me gave me a t-shirt for Christmas one year, and I continue to wear it proudly. It states: “Even if it is crap, just get it on the page.”

Yes, that quote still guides my life!

Thanks Deb for encouraging me to join this challenge. Helps get crap on the paper!

My nominee bloggers are:

Eager to read your three favorite quotes.

5 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge Day 1

  1. I was in a relationship with a retired journalist and I heard so many stories from his days as news editor. His friends and I wish he would write about them because of their amusement factor and the nature of the characters who seemed to gravitate to this kind of profession.


  2. I don’t know if interesting things happen around newspapers or if because we are writers we just know how to tell the stories. But there are some really funny, sad, and interesting tales to be told.


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