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3 Day Quote Challenge Day 2

Deb at Once Upon a Hot Flash ( put my name in for the 3 Day Quote Challenge, where we are to pick a quote and write about its meaning…at least how we understand or interpret it.

Three Day Quote Challenge ~ Rules:

Post a quote a day for 3 consecutive days.

Nominate 3 different bloggers on each day.

My quote for the second day in the 3 Day Quote Challenge is from Barbara Jordan, former U.S. Represenative and educator, spoken in 1986. Barbara Jordan

“I believe that I have a spirit that is not going to disappear.”

This quote says to me that even after death my spirit continues to exist and influence change. The energy I generate in life may alter in form, but remains as a beacon, charting a course for those who follow, reminding them that what they do is making and can make a difference.

This is a call for me to ‘do no harm’, so what I perpetuate adds something positive to tomorrow.

My three nominees bloggers are:

Thank you Deb for including me in this challenge. This has been a good exercise for me to expand my thought processes.

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