Blind Man With Blind Dog

Life in the Boomer Lane

Senior man with dog on beach

On a bench at Alki Beach in West Seattle, there daily sits a blind man with his blind dog. The blind man let Life in the Boomer Lane into his life, and told her that his dog loved people and loved to be petted.  LBL obliged, and the dog responded, much the same as people do who have compensated for the loss of sight with a heightened awareness of their other senses.

LBL didn’t ask the blind man how he was able to care for a blind dog (or vice versa), since they both seemed perfectly fine.  In fact, they were more than fine.  LBL left their space feeling buoyant, grateful for them having shared their joy with her.

LBL could write a post, based on the blind man and his blind dog being a metaphor for the blind electorate who are now blindly following a certain unnamed politician.  But…

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