If I’m Over 60, I Must Not Be Having Sex

Life in the Boomer Lane

old people

Thanks to an article on, we now know that the vast majority of movie goers would prefer not to see people post-60 having sex onscreen. This fact dovetails with the vast majority of people post-60 who would prefer not to watch themselves having sex. In spite of this, film makers have lately started to encroach on this verboten territory. This is significant for two reasons. One is that this is the first time Life in the Boomer Lane has used the word “verboten” in a post. The second is that as more films choose to show elder sex, one of the few remaining barriers in film may come down.

As more and more awareness is thrust upon elder sex by boomer sites and articles (“Why Elder Sex is Best Sex Ever!”  “Why Boomers Have the Best Sex on the Planet!” “I started to Have Wild Sex Only After Age…

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