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Saturday Smiles Surround Me

I’m responding to a blog from Feeding on Folly as part of the Saturday Smiles section that she writes each week.( I realized I have a lot to smile about, and they seem to be the simple things that surround me.

So let me take you to my back yard, where I found the following treats:

The first IMG_2024is my gate fence where I’ve hung the gate from my late husband’s grandmother’s home. Is that too confusing?

Anyway, morning glories are climbing all over and around it, and in front of the gate are these lovely yellow blossoms. I think they are yellow bells, but I haven’t a clue. They are just pretty to me.

No doubt the kids will get the gate when I’m long gone…actually when I’m very short gone probably. And it will remain in the family until someone along the way says, ‘I don’t want this old thing’, and promptly tosses it aside.

The second treat that brings a smile to my face is my smaller doglet, Jasmine. IMG_2037She weighs just under 5 1/2 lbs. and is quite fiesty. She’s about 3, and she drives my cockapoo, who is 15 years old, nuts. But she is adorable, as you can tell by the picture.

And when I didn’t think the morning could be any brighter, I walked past my magnolia tree and found some buds just preparing to bloom. Now how can you not like that? I think the soft shades of pIMG_2044ink and cream are wonderful. Not knowing much about flowers, trees, grass and such, I was surprised to see the small red dots on the buds become red bean type things. It is really a lovely sight.

So I had a Saturday filled with smiles, and am grateful for all those things in my life.

Hope your day was filled with beauty too.


15 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles Surround Me

  1. The garden gate is priceless and I’m sure it’s value will be realized by your family. (So, I found the like button, somehow.Not sure what happened.) I had a white Samoyed named Jasmine many years ago and your little puppy brought smiles to my face, too. Such a joyous Saturday and your sharing it with us makes it so much brighter. Thanks, Margo….Clare

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