Vaccines—I Finally Address The Issue (Heaven Help Me…)

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Carrie Rubin

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Even though this is a writing blog, given my physician background I occasionally post about medical issues. One topic I’ve avoided, however, is vaccination. Having personally experienced the transition from near-complete parental acceptance of vaccines to near-daily opposition during my time in clinical pediatric practice, the topic has left me dismayed and weary.

But while I was able to have intelligent and thoughtful conversations with my patients’ parents—conversations that led to full immunization of their children 99+% of the time—the same does not happen online. The amount of anti-vaccine vitriol and misinformation out there, not to mention the harshness with which people sling it, has left me silent and stunned. (Well, blog-wise. I still tweet on the subject.)

But after recently hearing the ridiculous comments about vaccines made by Donald Trump during the latest GOP debate and the sorry excuse for a counterattack by the two physician candidates on the…

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