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Camera Lucida Challenge— Reflections

  This week’s Camera Lucida Challenge is Reflections and I’ve attached some of my pictures that show my ideas about reflections. A lovely barn steeple reflected from a church window.   Halloween spooky, don’t you think?       ‘Camera Lucida’ – Reflections | MyRedPage      

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The Leader is…….

Thus far in my ‘header survey’ the #6 header (see above) leads the voting, but we are early in our poll taking, so don’t despair if this one doesn’t push your feel good buttons. If you want to judge, select, pick, or comment on your fav, just add your voice below and your preference will be counted. Here… Continue reading The Leader is…….

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What Do You Think?

Okay, I need help. I’m playing around with my blog ‘style’ including colors, themes, and my logo, and your input would be nice. I do understand this is a ‘no win’ situation, because what you might like your neighbor might hate, but probably your neighbor isn’t reading this blog…so, just stay with me here. My… Continue reading What Do You Think?

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Fall is in the Air—or the Drink!

What is it about fall that seems to change people’s attitude about life? Whatever, you can ‘feel’ the change. We hit the streets walking. We don long sleeves. We buy football jerseys. We winterize our flower beds; we buy more channels on our TV packages to get all the sports events. And we set our… Continue reading Fall is in the Air—or the Drink!

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I Can’t Spell Either

Don’t you just hate it when you have been criticizing the spelling, actually the misspelling, of these ‘young people’ who don’t seem to know English from gibberish? And then you discover you too have failed the spelling test…in a headline no less! So terribly embarrassing. And the only excuse I have is I’m old, which… Continue reading I Can’t Spell Either

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Who Said I Am Lazy?

It is a sad day when one learns that one is lazy. I’m not certain if I have always been afflicted with this malady, or if it is something that has crept into my life with retirement. Whichever, I can attest to the fact that I am comfortable sitting in front of my computer, playing… Continue reading Who Said I Am Lazy?

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I Think I’m Being Trained…by My Doglet!

I have heard of sibling rivalry, in fact, I have participated in a bit of that myself, but I’ve been living with an enhanced version of it for the past week. My sister and her dog are visiting and the two dogs are engaged in a battle to determine which one can eat the most.… Continue reading I Think I’m Being Trained…by My Doglet!

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Your Too Old to Have Fingerprints!

I have been officially notified: I am elderly! I received this not too welcome news when I was fingerprinted recently. No, I was not being booked into jail; it was just a routine exercise that I had not had done in many years. In case you don’t know, there is new technology for such things.… Continue reading Your Too Old to Have Fingerprints!