Interview with a strep-virus

This is a great reminder about Strep. Funny and a must read!

nudge. wink. report.

strep Strep.  Reminds me of a design on cheap polyester clothing I saw in a catalogue. Maybe this is why the purple stuff is always the last to sell? From

)))))*****SPECIAL REPORT*****(((((

Greetings from NWR’s resident 5-minute researcher and quasi-reporter.  I’ll have you know that this interview contains bleach but has nothing to do with laundry.

I considered writing about the woman who was found guilty of workplace bullying because she unfriended a colleague on Facebook.

But that could only happen in Tasmania….right?  Soon we’ll be able to push the “dislike” button on FB (not to be confused with FloridaBorne’s nickname).  The word “entrapment” comes to mind.  I wonder if 10 pushes of the “dislike” button = 1 fine for bullying?  But, as usual, I digress.  I’ll leave the ridiculousness of this particular piece of “justice” to someone who wants to expound upon it.


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