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Who Wouldn’t Want This?

The twice a year antique fair is underway and thousands of people are scouring the tents to find something they just can’t live without.

I took a walk through just one section of the miles of displays and was amazed at some of the unique items that someone surely wanted. Why else would they be for sale?

How about this little station wagon replica from the 1950s? We didn’t have surf boards on the top of ours, but I do remember throwing newspapers out the backend with the tailgate down. station wagon 2My folks would be in jail now because they allowed us to ride on the tailgate, no seat belt, no safety net. They may have thought we would drop off and not be able to find our way home.

ย I’m really eager to meet theย wingsgreen angel that lost her flyling apparatus.




Yard Art? Do you have a special place for this roach driven bike? The neighbors will love it!bug on bike 1

Need aย letter? Any letter will do. Or any size. Lower or upper case. We can spell anything, anyway you want it.cow





Need to entice your bull? Here’s a cow that would be attractive to any bovine if his manhood is made of steel!cow 2





This one should be in a tobacco shop window. Note this bag of bones is smoking!

skelton smoker

But the prize is this one, because it is undefinable. Your guess is as good as mine whether it is upside down or right side up. And if you can identify it, I’ll reblog you for a month! If you want to buy it, it is yours for only $29…if I can find the vendor again.whatever


19 thoughts on “Who Wouldn’t Want This?

    1. I just looked up ladybugs and they come in many different designs, there is one that looked similar to the one above..not sure if that’s what it is, but why not…Lol!!


  1. I’m not being allowed to comment directly to the “Chicken Little” comment. Weird. Anyway! Isn’t Chicken Little the one that was always saying the sky is falling? I’m saying no such thing!

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