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Jake Brewer 1981-2015

Friends lost their 14 year old daughter a few days ago, and I’m reblogging this to express my sorrow for the loss of Jake, Emily, and all children taken early from our lives.

Life in the Boomer Lane


The one defining commonality of the human species is that we love our children. So much so, that sometimes, that love is a vulnerability that is so intense, it can take our breath away. Would we do anything to protect them? That goes without saying. Can our imaginations reach to a point in which we see them being taken away?  No. Especially not in our overly-protected world of modern medicine, safety devices, and ample written warnings on whatever we buy.

As a mother, I listen to my friends speak about their children, their words coming from the same place that mine do when I speak about my own children. I don’t discount the words they speak.  I simply understand the place from which the words are born.

When my friend Lori spoke about her children, she was no less effusive.  Her children were bright.  They were beautiful…

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