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But Its My Junk!

Now I don’t want to appear judgmental about what folks like and don’t like, but I must admit I’m a bit surprised at people’s taste in decorating.

In a recent post I wrote about walking around the antique fair tents and being absolutely amazed what people want and are willing to buy. Then they put those interesting items in their houses or offices or doll houses or dog houses.

I readily admit I don’t have much room to criticize since my own house is filled with rather unique items: items that most would find a bit bizarre.

IMG_2076 4

For instance, Obi.  Obi is some sort of fowl…no not foul…made of banana leaves, and he is a conversation piece in and of himself.

Across the room from him is Liberace, the wide-eyed owl covered in rhinestones. A friend came up with that name because of FullSizeRender (3)the amazing amount of bling on my feathered bird. Lib can probably even play the piano.

There is this message to myself hanging in my office:


My quirkly clock                             is viewed with a wary eye.

IMG_2074 9                                 IMG_2071

So, yes, I do have an eclectic array of objects…but that’s different. These are mine!

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