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I Think I’m Being Trained…by My Doglet!

I have heard of sibling rivalry, in fact, I have participated in a bit of that myself, but I’ve been living with an enhanced version of it for the past week.

My sister and her dog are visiting and the two dogs are engaged in a battle to determine which one can eat the most. My roly-poly doglet believes she has missed multiple meals and is fearful she will miss another one if she stops thinking about it for even an instant. She is constantly alert to the possibility that every movement I make will lead me to the kitchen for a snack just for her. The visiting canine doesn’t care much about food UNTIL she realizes Ms Fatty is getting what would rightfully belong to her.johnny-automatic-dogs-fight-over-bone

If one of us eats a bowl of ice cream and the other doesn’t, how do you share one bowl-cleaning between two dogs?  And how do you play fair when divvying up leftover plates for the hounds?

I know, you are saying, why are you feeding them table scraps anyway? That is fodder for another posting. Suffice it to say, both dogs are too old to learn new eating habits. Besides, my sister and I are easy prey to soulful, pleading doglet stares.

I grew up with two sisters so the battle of who owned what pair of socks, slip, sweater or jeans reached astonishing heights each morning as we struggled to get dressed for school. I’m familiar with fights over ownership and getting an equal share, but these dogs have outdone even the Williams sisters!

dogs feeding.jpepI guess competition between siblings begins at an early age!

It is amazing to see this competitiveness surface between normally peace-loving animals. I haven’t taken their blood pressures, but my guess is both of them are nearing heart attack range. Perhaps I should take my vital signs…probably off the charts just watching them.

I’ve been told that you are either training a dog or the dog is training you…all the time. Hate to admit it, but my doglet is a more determined teacher than I am, meaning I’m much better trained!

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