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I Can’t Spell Either

Don’t you just hate it when you have been criticizing the spelling, actually the misspelling, of these ‘young people’ who don’t seem to know English from gibberish? And then you discover you too have failed the spelling test…in a headline no less! So terribly embarrassing.

And the only excuse I have is I’m old, which isn’t much of an excuse because since I’m old I should be better educated about the proper use of words.

My apologies to young and old alike for my past criticisms about spelling mistakes. And hopefully you didn’t notice I had not shown proper English with the heading: Your Too Old to Have Fingerprints! As any fourth grader knows, it should have read “You’re Too Old to Have Fingerprints”.

Since no one commented about this, I’m guessing readers either didn’t know the difference or they were just acknowledging that I’m also too old to know what I’m writing!

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Spell Either

  1. Isn’t it amazing how these little spelling missteps creep in, even when we know the proper spelling? It happens to all of us. And for the record, I didn’t even pick up on your error. Some editor I am. 😉


  2. I actually noticed, but I have a friend who quickly points out any typos, even in a quick email. It always annoys me a bit, so I didn’t want to be that girl! I should have though, right? I’d want you to tell me if my blog post had a typo…


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