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Camera Lucida Challenge— Reflections


This week’s Camera Lucida Challenge is Reflections and I’ve attached some of my pictures that show my ideas about reflections.

2006 Penn trip 157

A lovely barn steeple reflected from a church window.


foggy bridge 008

Halloween spooky, don’t you think?

foggy bridge 006


oklahoma 09 059


oklahoma 09 047


‘Camera Lucida’ – Reflections | MyRedPage





10 thoughts on “Camera Lucida Challenge— Reflections

    1. Here is the info on how to enter the Camera Lucida Challenge. You’ll find this same info at:

      Hope this helps.

      How to join us?

      Follow your host and share each week your own vision of the theme.

      Create a new post with the title CAMERA LUCIDA followed by the theme name.

      The content of the post is completely down to you, share just the photo or be even more creative and tell us the story behind the scene, make it your own.

      Feel free to use the ‘Your Gallery’ badge in your post and link back to the last Camera Lucida challenge or just leave a link to your post in the comment box.

      Please upload your entry every week starting from Wednesday to ‘Your Gallery’ which I am hosting through InLinkz, by clicking on the ‘Your Gallery’ badge below.

      You will have seven days to introduce your snapshot to everyone.

      While visiting the exhibition please stop and appreciate the other artists, share honest feedback and be supportive.

      At the end of each challenge I will share with you all the entries which were shown at the gallery and introduce you to their makers.

      Camera Lucida – Your Gallery

      An exhibition where your visual perception captures the world and gives life to a new story.


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