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I Dunno

I keep being asked why I write, why I blog, what do I want to accomplish with my writing?ryanlerch-Red-Query-IconWhat, what, why, why? 

Its  like being asked why I breathe, why I live, what am I to accomplish with my life.

My answer: I dunno.

Why do some people want to be parents? Why does someone write music? nicubunu-Emoticons-Question-faceWhy does someone paint, take pictures, act, run, debate, bake, love dogs, travel the world?

I can’t begin to answer the why around my writing except to say the words flow from a source within. I write and am often surprised to read what is on paper. Most of the time I haven’t a clue as to what is on my mind until I begin to type. I’m as surprised, pleased, disappointed, amazed, and baffled as anyone reading my writing for the first time.

I ask myself, where did that come from? interrogation

So, I write because I must, because I can, because that’s what I do, and because it is who I am.

When asked about my goals with my writing and with my blog, my answer remains, I dunno.

To satisfy my ever-growing ego? To share my quirky sense of humor with others? To show I’m here?  I dunno.

But its fun to think about an ever-expanding audience being exposed to the ideas produced when I sit down at the computer.

Who knows the source? Who knows the outcome? Who knows the why? 1425663956-outline

I dunno.


7 thoughts on “I Dunno

    1. Thanks…I’m changing the header every few days just to see what feels right to me. Fun to have choices. Glad you like this one.
      Yeah, I dunno about most things, but it doesn’t stop me from taking sides or voicing an opinion that has no thought put into it.

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