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Spotlight On: Lizz Winstead

She is an amazing advocate for women…and funny too.


You might know Lizz Winstead as the co-founder and former head writer of The Daily Show (yes, that Daily Show), but she’s also a fierce, devoted reproductive justice advocate. She currently spearheads Lady Parts Justice (LPJ), which uses humor and digital media to expose anti-choice zealots in the most creative of ways. Lizz is hilarious, a brilliant political satirist and one of our all-time favorite feminists. If you don’t already, be sure to follow her on Twitter (@lizzwinstead), and check out LPJ! 

Q: Your Hinder app is downright genius and (I can only assume) loved across the board by reproductive rights activists & allies. Since it launched and has garnered press coverage, have you received any flack from the anti-choice politicians featured on it?

No! Weirdly, they all look at it as, “Yep, that’s what I stand for and I’m proud of it.” Remember, we didn’t list gaffes or anything like…

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