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How thankful are you? Take this quiz!

I just had to reblog this humorous post from :

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

nudge. wink. report.


Well, gobble-gobble and Holy Carcass-Stuffing!
Thanksgiving is almost here once again!

Time to slap on some roomy sweatpants, mosey on over to the dinner table, grab the nearest shovel,
and find out if you are thankful enough!*

What is Thanksgiving?

A) Thanksgiving is a tradition that began when Pilgrims sat down to break bread with Native Americans.
B) Thanksgiving is a tradition that always falls on the fourth Thursday in November.
C) Thanksgiving is a tradition of gathering all those people you tried like hell to avoid the rest of the year.
D) Thanksgiving is a tradition that involves large groups of bloviating idiots getting together to methodically tear each other’s egos to shreds. (Oops! Sorry, that was the last few presidential debates, my bad.)

ANSWER: C and D. Mostly D.

On Thanksgiving, people like to:

A) Eat turkey.
B) Watch the Macy’s parade on television.
C) Spend time with…

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