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Fanny Karst: Beginning With the End

I’ve got to have the ‘Old is the New Black’ t-shirt!

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane found Fanny Karst by accident, when she was on one of her favorite sites, Advanced Style. Karst had designed a tee shirt (‘OLD IS THE NEW BLACK’) that LBL had to have, and so she ordered it. It wasn’t until recently that she wanted to know more about Karst, herself.  What she found was pretty amazing. First, Karst is 30-years-old. Second, she designs for women over age 50. Most important, her designs are in-your-face statements of powerful women in control of their lives, meant to be worn by women who society deems as the exact opposite.

What inspires one so young to design for older women?  And how can one so young have the ability to reach beyond the stereotypes of aging to a place that empowers?  Karst is more than a designer.  She is a visionary and an inspiration.

If one looks at…

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