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I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

I was recently asked how I will be remembered, and I had to think about just what I will be leaving as a legacy.

It was a depressing thought when I realized my main contribution will be a pristine kitchen left to the new home owners. Pristine because I have never used it.

in kitchen

This was obviously taken in another lifetime, and not one of mine!

Now that is an exaggeration because I have used a couple of things in that room where I feed the doglets.

For instance, the kitchen sink. I have bathed the smallerwet dog canine in that stainless steel basin because it is larger than the bathroom sink.

And I did soften some ice cream in the microwave, but only once. Two minutes was a bit too long so I had a mess to clean up after it seeped out of the carton and coated the bottom of the appliance.

Oh, and the frig has been opened and closed a gillion times. I do have to get ice out of the freezer compartment for my iced tea.

The biggest wear can be seen on the floor between the laundry room and the living room, right through the kitchen. Actually, I’m saying the laundry room as though I wash clothes regularly, which I don’t. In reality, the path is used by my canine friends as they traverse to the back door which is in the laundry room.

Truth be told, the kitchen window has also been used kitchen window 2regularly. I like to watch my neighbors as they work on the house they moved in next door. The hammering and banging and drilling really don’t bother me. It is a reminder that someone other than me is hard at it, thus easing my soul to know that it is okay that I’m doing nothing because someone is doing something constructive.

Now that I think about it, I can’t even say my legacy will be leaving a pristine kitchen. I do use parts of that room, just not the oven, stove top, and pots and pans. pink stove

My first stove was this color … no wonder I gave up spending quality time in the kitchen.

Guess I’ll leave a 1/2 pristine kitchen. Oh, and an almost pristine yard. I’m leaving the next generation some fat squirrels and a never plowed yard.fat squirrel

Yes, my name will live forever in the annals of non-cooks and non-gardeners.

10 thoughts on “I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

  1. I would say that, I always leave (your blog) with a smile, that is why I chose to follow you! A kitchen isn’t always ones comfort zone, you have a place to call home and what you do in it, is find your own happiness.
    I must say that pink oven would be worth a lot of money these


    1. Ya think? I had a matching pink refrigerator too. As I recall, they were a used set and at the time they were VERY cheap….and ugly. But, they worked for many years. I kept praying the would go on the blink, but finally we move where we had built ins. I’m sure the new owners of that house are still using them. Let’s see…that was only 43 years ago.


      1. My mom had that ugly green refrig. and that ugly brown oven in the wall. But the gold carpet was the I just remember moving into the new house in 1970 and I wanted red carpet, it was still there when the house sold in 2006..the memories we keep.


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