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The BEST Writing Prompt Ever — Plus a Writing Contest!

A poet I am not, but I tried my hand at it after reading this blog about a recent walk in the park. I’ve posted my feeble attempt at poetry at the end of the reblog.








Freedom I sought as I walked in the park.
Freedom I gained as I stopped in that park.
Let loose from restraints that kept me earth bound.
Let loose to feel freedom in all my around.

Feeding on Folly

I know I’ve told you before about the park near our house where Dog and I like to walk. Truthfully, as far as parks go, it’s not much to brag about. But it’s serviceable and allows Dog a good run.

It’s also a nice place to walk if I need a bit of inspiration. Case in point, what I saw this week:

UnderwearAlright, so what’s the story here? What causes a person to throw their underwear up in a tree? And before you immediately leap to something scandalous, remember this is a park within easy view of a major city street. (Also, this is a G-rated blog. Well, most of the time.)Sign

On the other side of the brick wall are a number of thorny, desert plants and a sidewalk about eight feet away. So, pretty sure the underwear disposal happened on this side of the fence.

Also, you can’t…

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