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Give Me a Cook!

I had forgotten how nice it is to have someone in your house who cooks.

Relatives are visiting and she actually knows how to turn the oven on and how to adjust the burners. Sounds simple enough, but when you haven’t operated something very often, the exact sequence of what to do next can be baffling.

I have a nicely appointed kitchen, meaning it has two ovens, a stove top, built-in microwave, etc. The ‘etc’ includes a refrigerator, sink, cabinets, and pantry. Standard, right?

Yes, it is, at least for someone who knows about preparing a meal. I opened the frig after my visitors arrived and didn’t recognize it: every shelf had something on it! A rare phenomenon in my kitchen. I was amazed at how much food stuffs a refrigerator can hold!

Not only did I have food available, but she even COOKED. I come home and a lovely prepared meal is ready to enjoy. I’m not talking a cheese sandwich. I’m talking roast beef with veggies, or King Ranch Chicken, or a delicious salad. Trust me, it is the little things in life that can mark the end of a lovely day, little things like food.

These are not things that would appear to be big things in most households, but those of us living alone face the challenge of cooking for just one. Number one, it isn’t much fun to sit by yourself at a dining table, looking around at all your friends…who aren’t there. And number two, conversation really lags unless you can get into deciphering what the panting of your doglet means. Is she answering you or starting an entirely new discussion?

It has been delightful to have food ready on the table and conversational exchanges with someone who speaks the same language, and to take lessons on how to operate my oven!

Wait…I don’t really want to know how to operate my oven…just want people who cook to come visit more often!

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