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Please Save Me From Blackstrap Molasses!

To call our family nontraditional may be a bit of understatement. Yes, we were a family of two parents and three kids, but my Mom was not the ‘stay at home’ type. She was ahead of her time in her thinking and in her ‘ways’. She was determined her children would be college educated. She… Continue reading Please Save Me From Blackstrap Molasses!

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Turn the Wheel Which Way?

Been there, done that. Known around my house as ‘BTDT’. And this week I saw a situation play out that I had experienced more times than I wish to recall. A couple (I would call them elderly, but they were probably younger than I am) was attempting to use their communication skills to park and… Continue reading Turn the Wheel Which Way?

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Carry a Big Stick…

Another interesting week around my neighborhood, full of lessons I really didn’t want to learn. The first lesson is to carry a big stick when walking my doglets, or as a friend suggested getting a taser! My little ones and I were on a ‘walk about’ (as they say in Australia), when a couple of… Continue reading Carry a Big Stick…

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The BEST Writing Prompt Ever — Plus a Writing Contest!

A poet I am not, but I tried my hand at it after reading this blog about a recent walk in the park. I’ve posted my feeble attempt at poetry at the end of the reblog.               Freedom I sought as I walked in the park. Freedom I gained… Continue reading The BEST Writing Prompt Ever — Plus a Writing Contest!

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Weekly Photo Challenge–Victory

The Eiffel Tower has long stood as a symbol of Paris, and after the horrendous acts of violence Friday, I recalled my many views of the Tower on my visit last year: each serving as a reminder of the grace, the energy, and the beauty of this beautiful city. Seen in the daylight… Seen at dusk… Seen at… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge–Victory

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I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

I was recently asked how I will be remembered, and I had to think about just what I will be leaving as a legacy. It was a depressing thought when I realized my main contribution will be a pristine kitchen left to the new home owners. Pristine because I have never used it. This was obviously… Continue reading I’ll Be Remembered Because…?

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Fanny Karst: Beginning With the End

Originally posted on Life in the Boomer Lane:
Life in the Boomer Lane found Fanny Karst by accident, when she was on one of her favorite sites, Advanced Style. Karst had designed a tee shirt (‘OLD IS THE NEW BLACK’) that LBL had to have, and so she ordered it. It wasn’t until recently that…

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How To Make a Holiday To-Do List That Works (Plus, Bonus Recipe!)

Since I’m not a list maker or a chef, I thought I would share some advice and a couple of really wonderful sounding recipes for those of you who do know their way around a to-do list and the kitchen. Enjoy.

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Growth Stimulant? Am I Too Short?

Someone asked me recently about ‘growth stimulant’. I stood there looking confused, trying to figure out if he thought I was too short, or if my hair was thinning, or my feet weren’t long enough. What exactly kind of growth stimulant was he talking about? He said he needed someone to help unload the stimulant,… Continue reading Growth Stimulant? Am I Too Short?