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I Just Want It To Do What I Need!!!

I need freedom. Freedom to live without a computer, especially a computer that won’t do what I think it should be doing in the way I think it should be doing it.

Don’t talk to me about progress or how change enhances and expands my world. I don’t care about progressing. I’m 73 years old…how much further can I progress, for goodness sake.

All I want is the freedom to hang on to what I know, and have it continue to work!

I’m ranting out of frustration with Windows 10. With all the clanging and blowing of its new bells and whistles, I’m discovering Windows 10 won’t do the simple things I need for it to do, as in give me an address book for my emails, nor let me copy an email and save it to a document file, nor even make a good cup of hot tea.

You would think that with all the hype about it, you could expect it to do at least one of those things. But NO! It’s entirely too sophisticated to give you a list of your contacts. And why would you want to have a standard closing at the end of your email that shows up each time, rather than you having to type in your name? Windows 10 has moved past those simple gestures that made my life easier.

And you do understand that Windows 10 should be ALL about ME!

Probably my neighbor’s 4-year-old granddaughter doesn’t need an address book at her beck and call. Her brain is nimble enough to remember 250 names and email addresses. But my brain isn’t nimble, and I can’t do ‘obscure’ things. I need the instructions to be clearly written, preferably in English, and easily accessible from the computer keyboard.

These are not major issues, unless you don’t have them or can’t find them. They suddenly become gigantic if they haven’t come with the new program, or are hidden behind some geeky door that has no door knobs. How am I to figure things out without a HELP button that is linked to a real person?

A real person, you ask? Yes, someone who can walk me through the maze of new program confusion. Surely there is someone who works for Microsoft that wouldn’t mind talking to me. But, hey, I’m unable to find that person. Guess the company’s personnel is too busy developing new bells that won’t help me to have them answer a phone to explain how the last set of bells work.

Oh, the pitiful life of a non-geek in today’s world. Won’t someone help me? I don’t have all the time in the world, you know!




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