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It Wasn’t Me!

You have been subjected to my rantings about my frustrations with Windows 10. windows 10Now I must revise my complaints, give praise where praise is deserved, and go off in my corner of the world and suck my thumb.

No question it takes an expert to navigate through the Windows download, set up, start-up, and call up. The program was installed correctly. What I didn’t know was how to operate this new program, or is it called a platform?

Who knows, and who really cares?

Not present company, I assure you.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, all I want is the program to work when I want to send an email, save a document, play a game, eat a bowl of ice cream, or any other mundane but worthwhile task. Is that asking too much?

Apparently so, at least without an hour or 6 of instructions.

I trotted by bod to the nearest Windows store some 1 1/2 hours away with my trusty desktop and laptop computers in hand…literally!

I carefully dumped them on the counter in front of a 15-year-old, and begged for help.

Yes, he looked about this old!
Yes, he looked about this old!

With a confident smile, this whippersnapper (that’s old language for someone young enough to be my great-grandson who exudes the assurance that only youth can manage) grasped my ailing computer, plugged it into a panel of wires, and asked me to put in my password.

Of course, that alone took me several tries. Who remembers their password to anything, and why have one if anyone (except me) can hack your system?

Once this hurdle was jumped, we moved right into my real needs: where are my contacts? where are my emails? where are my documents? 2512897107_helphow do I save a document?

In other words, how the heck do I operate this thing called Windows 10?

‘Oh, we can show you quickly,’ was the assurance this youngster promised. He had no idea with whom he was conversing. But it didn’t take him long to realize the depth of ignorance that faced him.

What he thought would be a 10 minute lesson stretched into 2 hours of frustration on his part, not mine. I sat blissfully watching as he too moved the cursor to and fro, muttering under his breath, seeking, searching, and trying every trick in the book to find, move, and navigate through this miracle program.

Actually, it was a joy to observe someone else’s inability to make things work the way we were assured it would. Ha!geek 4

I did feel somewhat less of a non-geek the longer it took him to finally raise his hands in victory. We knocked fists (or whatever you call it), smiled, and I bundled all my gear up and left the store, once again assured that all was in working order.

Since I am able to write this blog in record time, I guess what he did worked. Oh, did I mention that I have made a second trip to the Windows? Yes, and this time they are keeping my computer for several days. This is not a good sign. But at least it gives me the assurance that I’m not the only soul who is questioning why I decided to commit to the latest and supposedly the greatest Windows 10 program.

Please Microsoft, no more upgrades unless Blue Bell ice cream comes out of my monitor in a cone. Thank bell

17 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Me!

    1. Not certain if the help I received is working since the computer is still in the back room being observed by a generation of pre-teens who are eager to see what other bells and whistles can be added that will further frustrate me.


  1. I also agree as I was told windows ten was great. I have a few problems with it that have been fixed now but once I figure out how to navigate this I know the next great thing will come along to frustrate


  2. I’ve been planning to wait to use Windows 10 until I have to get a new laptop (which probably isn’t too long in the future). Now I’m even more convinced I won’t be upgrading my current laptop to it. Ugh. I don’t need that headache.

    “no more upgrades unless Blue Bell ice cream comes out of my monitor in a cone.”—Hahaha. Love that!


  3. My husband told his mother NOT to update to Windows 10, knowing she’d have problems. She forgot and updated, and sure enough, she had the exact same problems as you. So he wound up on the phone with her for, yes, nearly two hours, trying to help her find her email, her contacts, etc. He was so frustrated.
    Here’s the best part: Two weeks later he ‘accidentally’ updates his work computer to Windows 10. I asked him how the heck he managed it and he said, “I meant to hit ‘decline’, but I guess I goofed, and now nothing looks right …”
    I told him that’s what happens when you make sarcastic comments to your mother!


  4. I’m an Apple girl across the board, can’t recommend the brand highly enough. Of course, my dad is constantly complaining that his iPhone doesn’t work properly…


  5. I love your story. I upgraded to Win 10 on my laptop without a hitch. However, my desktop said “no way” so I just left it alone. Computers can be so rude sometimes. 😨


  6. Un huh, I took both the laptop and the desktop to the Windows store and said, ‘fix it’. I was so frustrated with it all. But, now, it is running fine. I am having to learn some new things with this version, but slowly I’m making my way through it all.


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