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Doglet’s 2015 Christmas Letter

Another holiday season is here and I have much to report about the trials and tribulations of being the alpha female in the house my ‘pet’ maintains.

This shows me in my prime!
Me in my Prime!!!

As you may recall from my Christmas message a year ago, I am the senior doglet of my human pet, who has yet to understand her lower position in the hierarchy of the domestic living we share. I continue to train on her, but I remain unsure if her reluctance to learn is an intelligence issue, a stubborn issue, or my instructional abilities (probably not).

Hello One and All,

Christmas rolls around one more time, and once again my Pet will be out-of-town, thank goodness. I get so much more sleep when she isn’t interrupting my day with her comings and goings.

This is my annual update about our household consisting of my Pet, and (as I unaffectionately call) the Obnoxious Interloper who joined our family a year ago.

Admittedly, her barking is bothering me less and less as I hear less and less. Being 15 years old (how old does that make me in dog years?) my eyesight and hearing are suffering, but not my insistence on food nor the bounce in my steps when I am set free to explore the local cemetery at will.

2015 has been fairly uneventful, except when Pet and Obnoxious were attacked by a couple of bullies. The Rottweiler almost got away with the little one…but alas, she survived with minimum damage, as did Pet who was busy fighting off the Pit Bulldog. They are fine, after much whimpering and sniffling. I just watched from a safe distance as the two of them jumped, squealed, kicked, and made regular fools of themselves there in the middle of the street. What a show!

 Miss Miss Obnoxious..aka Jazz

Miss Obnoxious…aka Jazz

Pet still believes she should be concerned about my weight…at 15, why can’t I weigh whatever I want? It has been 14 1/2 years since a male has looked at me with eagerness and smutty thoughts. Oh, I do remember the days…

Pet is spending her holidays in New York City, wherever that is, apparently finding great food, wonderful shopping, and remarkable decorations more enticing than our humble abode, which has one red bow wrapped around the neck of Obi…the banana leaf bird that serves as our doorman.

Doorman Obi
Doorman Obi

She’s been worked up lately with two projects:

  1. She’s all excited about her new ‘blogging’ venture. I haven’t a clue what that is, but she seems to be bonded with her computer, typing away with gusto from dawn to way past dark. ‘Dawn’ is stretching it a bit, unless 8 a.m. is when the sun rises in parts of the world! Some days it might even be 9 o’clock before she ventures from the bed to the keyboard.
  2. She thinks she is really smart because she now has listed her extra bedrooms on Airbnb, and already has them rented for the spring antique show and the MS Bike ride. I’m not too excited about this new wrinkle unless the instructions say that in order to stay here they must feed me treats hourly. I can work with that.

Apparently it doesn’t take much to get her worked up!

As you can see, pretty dull ‘goings on’ around here, but it makes for better sleeping for me.

With peace on my mind I hope you have a great Christmas and a super new year. I am anticipating a restful year, if Obnoxious will behave. She is not a fast learner, and stubborn! Oh my. But we all have our burdens to carry, and she seems to be mine.

Merry Holidays.

Chili, This family’s Alpha Everything

My favorite repose.
My favorite repose.

PS: Pet reads me your replies, so feel free to drop me a line. Have your Pet just attach it below!










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