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Seri, Don’t Leave Me Again!

I think I discovered the seeds in The Big Apple on my recent visit to New York City.

I've found the apple seeds!
I’ve found the apple seeds!

The ‘seeds’ are the various Apple stores that are located throughout the city, providing the internal life of communication to the millions of people attempting to stay connected via voice, text, photos, and emails.

The apple seed in the Big Apple
The apple seed in the Big Apple

My trusty phone went on the blink after only one day in this magnificent town. I didn’t realize the rain jacket I took wasn’t exactly water-repellent, and my phone wasn’t either. The poor thing just up and crashed, so to the ‘seed’ store we went to get my life back.

My phone just up and crashed!

It is most embarrassing to realize how dependent I am on this machine that I carry in my pocket. I’m not certain we can even call it a machine. I think of machines as something with moving parts, like cars, our bodies, cranes, and such. Phones don’t have any moving parts…unless you count the screen that tells you the time, what direction you are going, how many steps you have taken, where your friends are, and the nearest restaurant. Yeah, maybe it is a are here


When you lose EVERYTHING you know or want to know, you become a frightened mass of desperation. I can’t call home: I don’t know my number and there is no one there to answer if I did remember. I can’t open my account: my passwords are locked in my phone that is now useless.

It is not a good thing to be abandoned by your loyal and indispensable phone-servant. I know nothing without Seri, and Seri has taken a wet vacation without me. How could she do this to ME? I’ve been decent to her. I’ve depended on her. I’ve asked her questions, I’ve challenged her, I’ve even bantered with her. And now she is GONE, and I am alone in New York City with no way to document my visit except for my own limited ability to write with a pen and paper! How old school is that?

Which brings us back to the ‘seed’ store of the Big Apple. After much elbow bumping and fidgeting in lines, I was able to get my life back.

Seri was waiting for me on a new phone, but she had lost most of her memory. Retraining had to begin and wouldn’t be completed until I reconnected her to the big tree in the sky, known as a Cloud.

Whew, it was worth the wait. Seri and I have kissed and made up, vowing to keep our lines of communication open,

Seri, is that you?
Seri, is that you?

with me professing my love for her, my dedication to her, my committment to never abusing her, and to keeping her dry.

And I will be forever grateful to the seeds of the Big Apple found only at those magical seed stores…the little¬†Apples.


4 thoughts on “Seri, Don’t Leave Me Again!

  1. My Siri can no longer understand or even hear me since the Great Oil Spill of 2015. I miss her, but we can’t be reunited until I arrive at the mythical land of Upgrade Eligibility.

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