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Who Am I?

Who am I, and why am I here?1425663956-outline

If I don’t know, then who does?  And I’m not certain I can answer either of those questions with clarity, insight, or honesty.

The question arises as part of the WordPress University 101 course that I’ve enrolled in…again. The task for yesterday was to share who I am with blog readers and explain why I started a blog and continue to write.

I’m n woman who has lived 73 years, changed her political views several times, embraced and let go of dozens of husbands, friends, antagonists, pets, homes, and cars. All of that making me that complex adult writing to you today.

I write because I can, because I need to, because I love to, because I’m driven to, because something in my soul calls and wants to be heard.

My job is to answer the call.

Often I’m not certain what I’m writing. Words flow from some source, and I’m the spigot that opens the flow. I don’t call it ‘channeling’, but rather ‘freeing’ words to spill out onto a page. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes not.

So, its me, here, writing, tapping into a source that is clear, clean, muddy, messy, funny, sad, insightful, growing, stagnant, confusing, and necessary.

Thank you for joining me as I tap the unknown thoughts and emotions that flow through me struggling to make sense of the who and why of my life.

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16 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. This is very relatable. I find myself wondering “Who I am?” and “Where am I going?” a lot. Then, I just say, “No, I won’t think about that. I’ll just make the most of every day as it comes.” 🙂 Thank you for this post.


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