Hair or No Hair, That is the Question!

How much hair does one need? Perhaps the better question is how much hair does one want?

These questions are arising because I’m losing hair at a rate that will render me hairless before I am rendered dead.

As I discussed this worrisome fact with thair 7he woman who has been trimming my hair for 20 years, she suggested I get a buzz haircut. Apparently that is a current rage among the more daring of women.

She also said I could get a Mohawk, but, hair6on second thought, I may not have enough hair for that style.

My hair is already quite short, but it isn’t a buzz just yet. Close, but no banana.

Do I, or don’t I? That is the question for today. And what other options do I have?

How about this look?

hair3or this one?

hair 2or this one?

Changing hair styles causes my stomach to twist and turn. I begin to look around in desperation, hoping to find help, support, affirmation that will assure me that I will look chic, beautiful, lovely. I have never looked any of those things in my life, but there is always a ‘first’. And I hope I’ve never looked stupid, ugly, weird or out of place either.

Well, I did once when my mother gave my sister and me Toni perms hair 9one night and put us on a train to my grandparents early the next morning. Our hair wasn’t dry so we boarded with those awful curlers still clinging to our heads. By the time we reached our destination 15 hours later, we had what looked like Orphan Annie’s hair 5frizz adorning our crowns. A brush, a comb, a lawnmower couldn’t get through our locks. Yes, that was ugly, weird, and stupid looking. Thank goodness we were 12 and 13, in a town where we weren’t well known, and grandmother had a really good pair of scissors. Now that I think about it, I may have had a buzz then.

Back to today’s challenge.

I need a magic mirror that will show me what I will look like if I change my hair 11 Will this new style highlight my better features (whatever those are), or will people be more prone to notice the size of my nose, my wrinkled neck, or that I’m shrinking in size at the same rate that I’m losing hair?hair 12

If I do get a buzz cut, I will get a preview of what I will look like without hair. And I can always grow it back…at least in patches.

Maybe a wig would be better?hair 10

Oh, these decisions.

If you are a female and have a buzz cut, do you like it? Or, if you too break out in hives just contemplating a new hair do, let me know. Am I alone in this world of balding women?

12 thoughts on “Hair or No Hair, That is the Question!

  1. Hey Margo. I wrote a reply and it didn’t go through. I’m big on the wigs. Please reach out to me if need be. I’m so pissed my long winded reply didn’t go through! If I had enough hair I’ld be so frustrated that I would pull it out! LOL!


  2. I kind of like the one on the left, with the bit of texture to it. I would definitely try to find a specialist to do a buzz with a style instead of just a zoom zoom with clippers. or maybe a do with a shaped pattern? Hair is a bother some times. I always had good hair until recently..dry, brittle…just defies control


  3. I do like the way a buzz cut looks on some women. However, the buzz cut won’t work for me…all the little buzzes would just lay flat on my head and I am not sure I would like seeing my bumpy skull. Will you post a picture if you do it?


  4. I have gone through many hair styles and hair woes during my lifetime. My hair is a lot finer than it used to be, however, it is healthy. I use only natural products (SheaMoisture) and it has considerably improved. Not so much hair going down the drain anymore. I think women’s hair goes though phases as we get older. Some women look great in a buzz cut, however, not for me. You look good in short hair, so you probably would look good in a buzz cut. Keep me in the loop on what you decide to do.


  5. I am not a fan of the on men or women. Perhaps you can wet your hair and slick it back close to your scalp to get an idea of what you would look like with the buzz, to see if it flatters your face.

    I like the wig idea if the thinning bothers you. I don’t know anything about them except that the long black wig kept sliding backwards when I was Loretta Lynn last week. Maybe you would need to keep some hair to pin a wig to if you go that route.


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