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Dear Self…15 Years From Now

I just learned of a website dedicated to letters written to your future self called Future Me, and the concept sounds promising. (

What would you say to the you 15 years in the future?

  • Hope you are alive and well.
  • Hope you are in good health.
  • Hope you can remember who you were 15 years ago.
  • Hope you can get up off the floor by yourself.
  • Hope you aren’t on the floor in the first place.
  • Hope your friends are still around and like you.
  • Hope you have done a lot of traveling, seeing, sharing, loving, playing, enjoying, crying, laughing.
  • Hope you have done a massive amount of LIVING.

Of course, what you would say to your future self would depend on your age today.

If you are 20 your ‘hope’ list would be very different than your list if you are 70.

At 73, these are things I want to say to self at 88.

I want you to hear and see well enough to get out of the way of moving vehicles.hearing 2s

I want your joints to be oiled enough that moving about isn’t painful.

I want to see you soaring.

this may be a bit extreme

I have high aspirations for your soaring.

I want you to still be belly laughing.laughing

I want you to enjoy food, so I want you to have good teeth, good implants or good dentures.


I want you to have colored your hair pink, green, blue, or yellow. And maybe all of those colors


I want you to have been to 90% of all the places you’ve dreamed of going. (I don’t want it to be 100% because you still need to be looking forward to something).

And I want you to continue to live passionately…before you forget how.

This may be a bit toooo late.
This may be a bit toooo late, but hey, it’s your life.

I want you to have enough friends still alive so you don’t need to hire pallbearers. Of course, they can be old or young, and not many will be needed: they only have to carry an urn filled with your ashes to the nearest tree for scattering.

My want list for you in 15 years is simple: continue living like you always have.

How about  your wish list? Any special things you want your future self to know?

20 thoughts on “Dear Self…15 Years From Now

  1. Yes, both are important. You can have my pointy toed shoes…just don’t work for me. I haven’t figured out how to make them look good with elastic waist jeans! Now breathing…I have that one down very well.


  2. Dear 81-year-old Dinata. If your are impoverished because we’ve spent too much of our savings traveling, and if you are no longer fit enough to travel, I hope you are enjoying all the pictures I am taking for you to help you remember.


  3. I want to be able to walk without farting..haha Tell a story once and let it go, the past was fun but let’s talk about today! I guess having my 90 yr.old God Mother with me for two weeks started me thinking about the pain I will put my kids through. I have given my daughter permission to tell me to “Shut Up!”…lol


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