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Magnets = Stuff

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It’s all those things that are hanging around us that we seem to accumulate magically.

I’ve decided I have well placed magnets throughout my body, just waiting to latch onto something that matches my electric fields. We may be preprogrammed with certain types of magnets installed at conception, just waiting to be united with those things that seem to fulfill us.warning-03

It may be money, or clothes, or tools, or spouses, or cars, or houses, or animals. Who knows what seems to resonate with each one of us, but by age 8 or 9, our magnets are activated. By the time I was in our 20s, get out-of-the-way of my magnetic field ‘cause I’ll run right over you if you happen to be between me and my necessary stuff. We become a collection field of various ‘things’.

I’ve seen people who collect salt and pepper shakers, saltor birdhouses, even 78 records. I’m not saying any of that is bad, but it is fascinating. What is it about t-shirts that ring my contentment bell? Ever since I was a kid I coveted a tablet and a pencil or pen.junk 8 Something about having a blank piece of paper and a sharpened pencil filled me with happiness. Not that I did anything with them, but just having them in front of me was satisfying. I like to just look at them, feel them. I am complete …oh, it is heavenly.

I’m certain other people get that same spine tingling sensation when they hear certain music, or when they pick up their first camera. I’d like to think we are somehow attracted to things that kick starts our creative juices. My mother was energized and inspired by the stock market. My sister loves literature. A friend gets dreamy-eyed when a tool passes through his hands. He’s a hardware salesman’s dream customer. A new screwdriver? I’ll take 2. A fancy hammer? Put 3 of those in my basket.johnny-automatic-magnet Look at these interesting nails! They look exactly like every other nail I’ve ever seen, but no, to him they are for some obscure job that he probably will never undertake, but he has to have them because his internal magnet is suddenly in overdrive.

Again, I admit what causes all of us to be drawn to certain things is a puzzlement. I have no answers, except my magnet theory, but I’m not interested in picking other fetishes…I like my Big Chief tabletsjunk 7 and stubby pencils just fine.junk 9

21 thoughts on “Magnets = Stuff

  1. Confession Time: My fetish collections run from the mundane (books, hundreds and hundreds of them all over the house; I love the fact that I will never get to all of them so I will always have something to read) to the somewhat questionable (mixing bowls, nested and singular; I have no idea where this obsession came from) to the “I really need to stop going to flea markets” genre (antique ashtrays, especially those from the Art Deco period). Luckily, we are running out of room in our used-to-bed spacious dwelling, so this may curb my yearnings for the last two categories. The books, however, are a force of nature that cannot be stopped… 😉


  2. I think it would take cellular surgery to remove those ‘stuff attracting magnets’ from our bodies. So, get a storage building or locker and let your kids worry about what to do with all your ‘stuff’ some day.


  3. When we cleaned out my mother’s home, and then my dad’s home, it took us days, weeks, eons it seemed. So, I’m leaving this wonderful experience to my children. They will be so excited! NOT.


  4. I collected lots of things over the years. Divorce, moving, changing, aging – divested myself of most all of it but still active in collecting Franklin D Roosevelt clocks and lamps. Most made in 1933. Of course I’ve always collected dust all over the place. Dust is very magnetic ya know. Thanks drop by my blog.


    1. Well Carl, so glad to know about FDR clocks and lamps. Didn’t know there was a market for such…also didn’t know there were a lot of them. Your list of collections including divorces, moving, changing, and aging all sound familiar to me.


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