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Create or Conserve?

This is a post written by my sister, who hasn’t yet ventured into blogging. She is ‘spot on’ with her look at our Mother, who was complicated, driven, creative and most interesting. My sister is a gifted writer, and I’m encouraging her to join the world of bloggers and blogging. What do you think? My mother… Continue reading Create or Conserve?

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What is Your Choice?

Donald Trump’s latest braggadocios comment has left me saddened, frightened, and appalled (with 2 p’s)! In case you missed it, he said,  “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, okay? It’s, like, incredible.” Is this true? Would he not lose any followers? Would his base cheer him on like fifth graders… Continue reading What is Your Choice?

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Does Anyone Drag Main Any More?

Class reunions. They are synonymous with hopeful memories and awful nightmares. I’m heading ‘back home’ in a few days to meet those kids with whom I experienced puberty, Algebra I, yearbook signings, and endless miles of dragging Main. In ‘my day’, the street wasn’t named Main St., but that’s what we called it. ‘Where are… Continue reading Does Anyone Drag Main Any More?


Why Change A Habit?

We are such creatures of habit and heaven forbid if one has to alter a well-established routine. It takes a long time and a great deal of frustration just to change the time of day when we take our medications. It’s the mundane tasks that are entrenched in our psyche: when and how we brush… Continue reading Why Change A Habit?

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What is My Real Name?

After reading a couple of blogs today, I had an epiphany (the topic of one of the blogs about my ‘real’ name (another blog topic). So I decided to write a bit about both. The epiphany came when the writer asked ‘what is your real name?’ It’s a question I’ve fiddled around with for many years,… Continue reading What is My Real Name?

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Who Says Sex is Over?

 This reblog from Life in the Boomer Lane is just too good not to share. If I’m Over 60, I Must Not Be Having Sex by Life in the Boomer Lane Thanks to, we now know that the vast majority of movie goers would prefer not to see people post-60 having sex onscreen. This fact… Continue reading Who Says Sex is Over?