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Doors to Where?

  I’m in San Miguel, Mexico and have found wonderful doors–some old, some may be new, some ornate, some colorful, but each leaving me wondering: What do they hide? What secrets do they keep? Where do they lead? Who is behind each one? When were they made? And, Why in the world do I care? Do… Continue reading Doors to Where?

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Urgent Attention Required…

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Once again checking my junk mail, I almost deleted this important e-mail from a smart and caring bank manager in Lagos Nigeria. How kind of him to choose me from the 300,000,000 people living in this country of ours. He says he found my e-mail address from the (Chambers) of Commerce.…

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The King of One-Liners

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I like to laugh. I’m guessing you do, too. So let’s talk about Henry. The great Henry Youngman, that is. The man sure knew a thing or two about comedy. Without further ado, presenting  five of his epically awesome one-liners: (Smart man. His style was nothing short of admirable.) (Spunky…

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What could a tin can possibly be worth?

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She had been ‘defiant’ once again and knew her time in the darkness of the crawl space under the yellow box was near. She quickly grabbed the rusty ole canister off her closet shelf, kneeled down and pried open the steel latch.  She threw the Bake-Rite can into the…

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Who We Were Or Who We Are?

Is who we were who we are today? I ran across a scrap book I assembled several years ago showing my life ‘before’ today. I lived in a different town, had different friends, had a different career, looked different. But, am I different than I was? I first asked this question two years ago when… Continue reading Who We Were Or Who We Are?