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Space…The Final Frontier!

This was a fascinating post from Dream Big, Dream Often, and I encourage you to check out this blog. Danny’s posts always enlighten, stimulate, and create conversation.

Dream Big, Dream Often

I was speaking to a few friends of mine about the possibility of life existing somewhere else in our massive universe.  It amazes me to think about the immensity of our universe and how trivial my problems become.

The earth would fit 1 million times in the sun!  And scientists recently discovered a star that could hold 100 million of our suns!!  Incomprehensible!  I understand why man has dreamed of space travel as it is the ultimate adventure and…”the final frontier!”

If they discovered life on another planet or in another galaxy, how would that affect our lives?  And by “life” I am referring to plant, animal, germ cells, water, etc.; I am not referring to grays or E.T.s.  I can understand the impact of an alien ship landing in Washington, but I am talking about an event much less dramatic.  For instance, if 3 years from now scientists put…

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