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Emotography–My Soul is Touched

Claudette at ceenea.com has come up with a new word: emotography, combining emotions and photography. The idea is to post a picture you’ve taken that illicits an emotional response and share your thoughts about that. So here is my contribution to Emotography.


This picture allows me to take a deep breath, filling my lungs with the vastness of the Kenya plains. Something about it frees my heart and opens me to the world. It evokes aloneness, freedom, and release. It speaks to my Soul.




22 thoughts on “Emotography–My Soul is Touched

  1. Love your entry. There is something about open spaces in nature that do touch our soul, allowing us space to be, and to think, and to breathe. Thank you so much for joining in.


  2. i did like your picture and the emotions you mentioned that it evoked in you, but I am a “hills and mountains around” me person. We may all be different but can enjoy each others perspectives can’t we?


    1. No doubt. I think what we like is what we grew up with…I say this and then realize that my favorite place are the hills of Oklahoma…so I too must like trees, hills, etc. But there is this need inside me to find openness where I can see ‘forever’ and breathe deeply of the space. Thanks for your comment.


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