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Love and War. And Love.

Isn’t this a lovely Valentine story? Not that it has anything to do with Valentine, except Love was in the air that day. I’ve reblogged it from

Life in the Boomer Lane


There’s a iconic photo taken on August 14, 1945 by the legendary photographer Alfred Eisenstadt. It is the day World War II ended, and the photo is called “The Kiss.” A young sailor in Times Square (We assume he is strong, handsome, possessed of all the traits necessary to have single-handedly beaten the Germans and the Japanese and the Italians) is kissing a young nurse (We assume she is beautiful, possessed of all the traits necessary to be both strong enough to have contributed to the war effort and soft enough to surrender to a young soldier’s muscled arms.) It is a photo that defines the euphoria at the end of a war and the beginning of a peace that would forever change a generation and a country.

In the 70 years since the photo was taken, it has appeared in newspapers, in magazines, in books, online. Countless millions of…

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