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A Better Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

In case you are seeking alternative options for your Valentine celebration, here are some great ones from life in the boomer lane. Hope you have a unusual, unique, unboring (that is a new word), day with someone or alone!


Life in the Boomer Lane


Valentine’s Day, like most holidays we celebrate, started with pagan people being slapped with strips of goat hide dipped in sacrificial blood.  Because hadn’t been invented yet, young women, after being slapped, placed their names into a big urn, and bachelors would choose a name and would be paired with that woman.  After the women cleansed themselves of goat blood, many of these pairings turned into marriages. Pagan priests promoted the ritual with slogans like “Higher success rates than speeddating or singles dances!”

It was a quick segue from that tradition to tots sending paper valentines to classmates, showing cartoon animals, vegetables and fruit that pronounced, “BEE my Valentine!” or “LETTUCE be Valentines!” Teachers expressed relief that classrooms and students didn’t have to be covered with goat blood in the process.

Some now argue that as messy as the pagan ritual was, it had more meaning than today’s antiseptic…

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2 thoughts on “A Better Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. On The Simpsons, Ralph Wiggums gave Lisa Simpson a card reading Bee My Valentine… He tried to keep telling her, “You see it’s a Bee Lisa a Bee.”


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