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A walk to remember

I thought this was a lovely way to start a Monday morning. A reminder to take a deep breath before we begin the frantic pace of a new week reblogged from:

Inked Thoughts and Midnight Monologues

The other day, I went for a late evening walk.

My earphones and playlist were awaiting me but then something happened.


I gazed at the pale blue sky. The sun had softly settled behind the misty hills. I breathed in and then out. It felt different. It felt good. And that’s when I decided to tuck away my phone and earphones in the back pockets of my trousers. I walked.

As I entered the garden, I entered a different world altogether. The quaint environs with long oak and pine trees and streaks of fresh and old grass painted a picturesque view in front of my deep brown orbs. I deliberately walked slowly, so as to allow the beauty of my surroundings to drown my worries. And it helped. Slow footsteps made way for a cleansed mind somehow and I found myself growing absorbed in everything that made contact with…

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