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The Day After

Valentine’s Day 2016 has come, and slipped by.

No emotional upheavals, no bursts of tears, just memories that make my heart sing.

You see, it was 29 years ago yesterday that we were married, starting a life changing journey that marched us through ups, downs, laughs, tears, joy, sadness, life and then death.

As was your typical way, you choose leap year’s February 29 to pass from this life, just days after our anniversary, leaving me to mark your passing every 4 years rather than annually. So, instead of this being 12 years since you died, it is 3 leap years.

You left on your own sojourn without me, perhaps leaving a trail that I can follow someday.

So I celebrated Valentine’s Day with friends who embraced me, as you would have; with folks who laughed with me, as you would have; and with memories you and I created together.

It was quite a ride we had, and I’m grateful for every minute of it.





18 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I’ve had a number of friends who have lost their husbands, recently Jane lost Frank. It always gives me pause. I wonder when it will happen to me and how I will adjust. It is hard to imagine at this point, but I hope I will be happy remembering too. I bet he wanted you to be happy.


  2. Congratulations, commiserations and condolences. My husband died just 5 days before our 5th wedding anniversary (we had been together for much longer than that though), which is also the anniversary of when we met. I’m glad you were able to have a good day with your memories.


    1. It was a good day. February is always a tough time for me: his birthday, our anniversary, and his death. And my dad died about 36 hours after Jack’s death. This year my sister, brother-in-law, and I will be remembering them both from a balcony in San Miguel, Mexico.

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