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Urgent Attention Required…

This is so generous of you. Strangely, my ‘lost’ cousin was Mr. Cool who died in a camp fire on a beach surrounded by a forest…or something like that!


Once again checking my junk mail, I almost deleted this important e-mail from a smart and caring bank manager in Lagos Nigeria. How kind of him to choose me from the 300,000,000 people living in this country of ours. He says he found my e-mail address from the (Chambers) of Commerce. I didn’t know they kept my e-mail address in their files especially that I’m not a business, go figure…

I can’t believe my luck, that he would tell the bank that I’m the only surviving relative to an American who died on a road outside of Lagos Nigeria. He went on to say how Mr. Creek was trying to pass a slow bus and ran head on into a coconut oil truck. It must have been horrible and if I just send him a cashiers check for dollars 4600, he will tell the bank I was Mr. Creek’s sole…

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