#Fav Foto Friday · Doors · photographs · San Miguel Mexico

Doors to Where?


I’m in San Miguel, Mexico and have found wonderful doors–some old, some may be new, some ornate, some colorful, but each leaving me wondering:

What do they hide?

What secrets do they keep?

Where do they lead?

Who is behind each one?

When were they made?


Why in the world do I care?

Do you have the answers?


door 3 (2)door 1

door 7 (4)
door 2 (4)





door 4 (3) - Copy


18 thoughts on “Doors to Where?

  1. Oh – so beautiful! I love old doors as well – so many questions, so many mysteries. You should blow these up a bit, I would enjoy seeing the details. What an amazing trip this must have been!


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