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February is Over, Now It’s March…Groan

Thank goodness February 2016 is over. It’s a month that is accompanied by memories and hidden emotions that seem to creep out at the most inappropriate times.

My husband’s birthday was in February, we were married in February, and he up and died on February 29, 2004. That is 12 years or 3 leap years ago when he left on a journey to places I know nothing about.

It was with a sigh of relief that I turned the page on my calendar this morning to welcome in March.

Then I saw it: Primary Day in 12 states. I realized the political games get ‘serious’ in March and for the next 9 months we will be subjected to politicians bragging, promising, crowing, and berating in hoarse voices.

And I thought February was bad!

Wonder if there are elections where Jack is? Hopefully he can rest in peace without the craziness that springs forth every 4 years. Huh, maybe that’s the reason he picked leap year to vacate this spiritual realm: he just couldn’t face another chaotic and crazy election cycle.

Smart man, that Jack.


19 thoughts on “February is Over, Now It’s March…Groan

    1. Yes, we both were lucky to have spent time together. I miss him immensely, and hoping he’s having a grand time on his journey…but damn, he could have postponed his departure. But, apparently he had another train o catch! Thank you for visiting my site.


      1. You know he is, do men every change!
        Make everyday count, you will have so much to catch up on when you two meet again.
        You have to tell him what 100 felt like! 🙂


  1. March may be full of political junk but you can turn it off. February, for you, is not something you can turn off. I am glad you can look at it as you do. My month was June: birthday, divorced, got out of the hospital and my father died. But, I am past it all now as many years ago.


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